Facilities in which we were involved

Objects Customers Class of works Construction Period
1“Eurasia” hotel and entertainment complex, Almaty CityThe Eurasia hotel and entertainment complexVentilation and air conditioning system2003-2004 years
2 “Ai-Ser” hotel complex, Almaty CityThe Ai-Ser HotelVentilation and air conditioning system2004-2005 years
3Residential estate, Al-Farabi Ave., Almaty City“Elitestroy Development” Ltd.External water supply and wastewater removal system, ventilation and conditioning2006-2007 years
4“Pioneer” residential estate, Almaty City“Elite-Dom- Service” Ltd.Heating system2006-2007 years
5 Mining-and-processing integrated works KazAtomProm in Kokshetau CityNEMZ LLCVentilation and air conditioning system2007 year
6Flute cardboard factory in Almaty City“Kazakhstan kagazy” HV, ventilation and conditioning, external water supply and wastewater removal system2007-2008 years
7“Mega center” building in Almaty City“Mega center” JSCOutside aqueduct and canalization2007-2008 years
8Frontier outpost of Karaganda GUT PS NSC, 2019 t/u“Akzholkurylys” Ltd.Engineering and erection of HV, VC2007-2008 years
9Exhibition halls 9, 9a, 10, 10A, В, Сand 11 in “Atakent” exhibition center in Almaty City"Expostroy” Ltd.Ventilation and air conditioning system2007-2008 years
10Residential estate in Shymkent City"Otau story” Ltd.Boiler house of 4 MW2008 year
11“Toyota center” in Almaty City"TSP” Ltd.Ventilation and air conditioning system2008 year
12Heating systems reconstruction in Almaty City"Almaty heating systems" JSCHeating supply network2008 year
13Reconstruction of Almaty musical college dormitories named after Chaykovski Almaty Manas st. 11"LLP IlKomstroy"Roofing2007
14Three-level cottage. Almaty region, Karasai district, Kamenka village Auezovst. 26LLP "IlKomstroy"Masonry of walls and finishing works2008
15Gofratara Factory Almaty region Karasai districtJSC Kazakhstan KagazyGeneral construction works water and sewarage lines heating and ventiliation2008
16Construction of residential complex Nursaya Astana, Left Bank, a spot30 LLP Construction Company of LLP Zhana QurylysGeneral construction works2008
17Reconstruction of Kokshetau MILK FACTORY Kokshetau city. Kokshetau Milk Factory Milks of Sinegoryeof LLP Kokshetau Milk Factory Milks of SinegoryeConstruction and installation work on the reconstruction of the plant2008
18Office building with underground auto parking and dining area. Almaty Muratbaev st., 147LLP PetroChina International KazakhstanInstallation of heating and cooling, ventilation, refrigeration equipment and air handling units of CD and external engineering networks2009
19Administrative building of LLP Sunkar Almaty, Hadzhimukan st. 78LLP SunkarInstallation of heat supply station, external water supply and sewage, heating systems and ventilation, recovery of asphalt pavement2009
20Multifunctional Administrative hotel and residential complex RIXOS. Almaty, Seifullinst. 506/99JSC SembolWater and sewage lines lifting and storm water sewage heating networks2009
21Business center with residential premises and underground parking and dining area Almaty, Dostyk Avenue, corner KabanbaystLLP AS-Engineering HCWorks of zero cycle2009
22Specialized lycee Arystan." Almaty region Talgar district, Besagash villageNursultan Nazarbayev Educational FoundationInstallation work of boilers, chimneys, heat reservoir and commissioning2010
23Reconstruction MSC Medeu. Almaty, Medeu GorgeLLP Rian EngineeringExternal water and sewage lines, internal water supply and sewerage systems2010
24Office and residential premises in the building JSC Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources Almaty, Furmanov st, 244aLLP AzimutInstallation of ventilation systems, heating and cooling2010
25Residential Complex Grand Astana Astana, Grand AstanaLLP BelarykMounting of metal works2011
26Residential complex Tole Bi Tau Almaty Toraygyrov st. 19ALLP Beybarys ProductsConstruction and installation works, installation of ventilation, heating, water and sewarage lines, external and internal electric lighting, fire alarm, smoke removal2011
27School for 1200 people Almaty, of Kokzhiek m/dLLP MERICGURUPGeneral construction engineering works, landscaping2011
28Overhaul of electric networks of Southern Regions of Ili district of Almaty region. Ili District, Almaty regionDepartment Housing and Public Utilities, passenger transport and highways of Ili regionOverhaul of electric networks, installation of transformer substations2011
29SEC MegaCenter Almaty. Almaty, Rozybakiev st. 263LLP ATA-StroyAutomatic sprinkler fire extinguishing, fire alarm, voice announcement, rink area lighting , the second light, reconstruction of ASP2011
30Seismic strengthening with restoration works of Central City Hospital buildings for 150 beds with a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift. Almaty region, Kapchagai, md-5Department of Construction of Almaty regionGeneral construction works2012
31Construction of pharmaceutical factory Almaty region Karasai district, Burunday villageLLP Almaty Story-ContractEarthworks, basement2012
32Mountain Resort Forest Fairy Tale. Almaty region Talgar district, Oi-Karagai GorgeBranch of LLP Alina PROExternal engineering networks2012
33Administrative building JSC KazTransGas Aymak." South Kazakhstan region Mahtaral district Asykata villageJSC KazTransGas AymakGeneral construction and engineering works, landscaping2012
34Pharmacological factory Almaty region, Karasai districtGeoprofi SP Aituganov P.P..Work in the field of geodesy2012 г
35Pharmaceutical Factory Almaty region Karasai district Eltay villageLLP "Almaty ATA-Stroy Contract"»Construction and installation works, works on development of soil pits by mechanized way, works on installation of monolithic concrete foundations2012
36Pharmaceutical Factory Almaty region Karasai district Eltay villageLLP "Tai Trans"Perform contract earthworks, development of the pit with transportation to dump2012
37Production base Almaty region. Ili district Pervomaisky r/a, Koyan-Kus villageDepartment of Energetics of housing and utilities of Almaty regionConstruction of power supply2013
38Office buildings located in Almaty, Karasay Batyr st. 204aLLP "PetroKazahstan Oil Products"Perform repair and preparation works on heating and hot water supply2013
39The production base Almaty region. Shelek district, EsikRES JSC "Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy"Perform repair works of the heating system2013
40Medical ambulatura Almaty region, Panfilov district, Bolshoy Shygan villageDepartment of Construction of Almaty regionConstruction and installation works2014
41Petrol stations, located in Kyzylorda Toraygyrov st.LLP SINOOILConstruction works2014
42Office buildings in Almaty Radostovets /Karasaibatyr st. 36a / 204b ofLLP Petro Kazakhstan Oil ProductsMaintenance and repair of 55 air conditioners2014
43MFC(multifunctionalcomplex) Almaty c., Abylay khan str., 51/53«Kazstroycenter» LLPInstallation of ventilation and smoke exhaust system2015
44Experimental industrial aqua-cultural complex on production of black caviar and commercial sturgeon in Uralsk c., Zachagansk v., Zhangir khan str., 51/7«ADAL PROFI» LLPImplementation of woks on utilities installation2015
45Almaty c., Bostandykskiy district, Ryskulbekov str., 28/1«Alshyn» LLPImplementationofelectri cal installation works on cable line КЛ-10 kW, installation of EPTS 2*16002015
46Almatyregion, Panfilovskiy district, Penzhimskiy r/d Customs Terminal Cross walk «Nur Zholy»«Antakya Best Building» LLPImplementation of sewage and water supply systems installation2016
47MFC (multifunctionalcomplex) Almaty c., Abylay khan str., 51/53«Kazstroycenter» LLPInstallation of heating system2016
48Almaty region, Panfilovskiy district, Penzhimskiy r/d Customs Terminal Cross walk «Nur Zholy»«KazMetallStroy» LLPImplementation of sewage and water supply systems installation2017
49MFC (multifunctionalcomplex) Almaty c., Abylay khan str., 51/53«Kazstroycenter» LLPImplementation of automatic fire extinguishing system2017
50Almaty c., Republic square, 13, "Khabar" TRC«Kazstroycenter» LLPImplementation of ventilation system2017
51Almaty region, Panfilovskiy district, Penzhimskiy r/d Customs Terminal Cross walk «Nur Zholy»«KazMetallStroy» LLPImplementation of internal heating system2017