Facilities in which we were involved

Facilities Customers Activity types Construction Period
1Settlements of Almaty region, Ili district.State organization "Akim Administration of Ili district"Development of a project documentation for construction of power lines district, providing services of supervision of the construction of the power supply line of street lighting2012
2"Education Center Zerde» Almaty, Markov st.47LLP "Fort NIKA»Providing services on development of working project systems and heat points in2012
3International Ski Jump ComplexLLP "TOL-Kurylys"Installation of water supply system of watering on the springboard2012
4Premisesin the boutique «Tom Far»of Trade House"ADC" Almaty, crossroads of Satpayev and Tlendiev streetsLLP "Vushkun"Installation of the ventilation system2012
5Hostels№2, KAU Hospital Almaty, Toraygyrov st.27. School of KAU, Almaty, Toraygyrov st.43.JSC "Kazakh Leading Academy of Construction and Architecture"Perform welding and plumbing works on restoration of exterior heating line, perform welding and plumbing works on heat points of the internal heating system, perform welding and plumbing works on internal heating system2012
6JSC "AllianceBank" Almaty, Furmanov str, 50JSC"AllianceBank"Perform works on production and installation of partitions from aluminum profiles2012
7State organization Military unit 60563 Almaty regionState organization Military unit 60563Services on maintenance of air conditioners, furnaces, Implementation of the pressuring and auditing of heating networks and elevators with expertise2012
8Transformer Substations at Shemyakin st., Aytykov st, Mihaylovskay st., Panin St, Yakubovast., Zhankeldin st,, Narynkolskay st., Dzhankeldin st., Ryskulov st.,and so on. AlmatyJSC "Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy"Development of design estimates Reconstruction of 04kV high voltage linesforRES-4.Reconstruction of TS for6-10 /0.4 kV Development of design estimates Reconstruction of RP 13andtransferof existing networks of 6 kV to 10 kV from the SS Karasu2012
9Dog Training CenterBuildings Almaty region., Ili district,. Karaoy villageMilitary unit 2125Border Guard Service ofNSC RKPerforming additiona works of repair and maintenance of boiler equipment2012
10Electronic trading platform LLP "Electronic systems AKIG"LLP Electronic Systems AKIGAttaching to the Rules of placing orders for delivery of goods, works and rendering services within the electronic trading platform for legal entities2012
11Multistorey residential complex «ALATAU Residents» Almaty region, Karasai district, Tausamaly villageLLP "Therapeutic recreation complex Alatau"Execution of removal of sewerage, dismantling the fence along the road, removal of billboard2012
12Multistorey residential complex «Alatau Residence»LLP «JD Development Company»Performance of assembly work on installation of temporary fencing2013
13Multifunctional residential building with underground parking. AlmatyTaugul m/d, lowerof Ladyginst.LLP "Kush-KuatWT»Removal of the existing sewer DN 200mm.abroad of allotted land and , Removal of the existing electrical network abroad of allotted land2013
14Office building of JSC "AllianceBank" Almaty Furmanov str 107JSC "AllianceBank"Perform repair works of sewerage and water supply2013
15International Ski Jump ComplexLLP "TOL-Kurylys"Installation of the system mechanical irrigation and pumping SMD on-site of International Ski Jump Complex2013
16Major overhaul of house of culture of Aksengir rural area of Zhambyl district of Almaty regionLLP "Aldaraspan-Kurylys"Installation of ventilation systems2013
17Major overhaul and reconstruction of the sanatorium "Kazakhstan", Almaty, Dostyk av. 308LLP «Trans Energo Line Engineering»Installation of ventilation systems2013
18Building in Almaty, Gornaya St. 640 B (Shimbulak)LLP «Mountain Resort»Installation and start-lining of ventilation systems (connection to the existing ventilation system)2013
19Trade-entertainment mall "Aport" Almaty region, Karasai distr., Almaty-Bishkek highwayLLP «HOME MART»Production and installation of vents on the roof of the facility in the amount of 47 pieces2013
20Free Economic Zone "Park of innovative technologies", Almaty, Ibragimov, st. 9LLP «ARLAN SI»Installation of emergency ventilation of the rooms of hermetic hall and switchboard of technological building of a data center2013
21Office building of JSC Alliance Bank. Almaty, Furmanovstr, 50JSC «Alliance Bank»Maintenance of air conditioners in service and office rooms2013
22Room 32, Almaty, Samal-2 m/d 32LLC «BG Coffee»Installation of ventilation2013
23Plant for production of soft drinks "Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers"LLP "Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers"Repair installation and commissioning works2013
24Multifunctional residential building with underground parking in Almaty, Taugul m/d, to the south of Ladyginst.LLP "Kush-Kuat WT»Project development of heat networks, design of external power supply networks, external water supply and sewage systems, Installation work of off-site power supply networks 0.4 kV2013-2014
25Special lycee in Almaty region, Talgar district, s.Beskaynar, Zhambulst. №67Branch social fund ‘N. Nazarbayev education fund special lyceeArystanService of the boiler equipment, instrumentation and automation of combined boilers and network pumps2014
26Dwelling complex "Miras Park" with underground auto parking, shopping and sports entertainment center spot 1,2,3 a, 4 Almaty, Bostandyk district, south of Al-Farabi av. to the west of Dulati av.LLP «SHEBERBUILD»Manufacturing and installation columns and beams of steel structures, strengthening columns2014
27Multifunctional housing estate with parking in Almaty, Medeu district, Kunaevst. 15/1LLP "ArDekom"Development of the project sections of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning water and sanitation, work on the development and coordination with concerned agencies heating section networks2014
28LLP "Adidas" Almaty, Nauryzbaybatyrst. 17 and VKLLP "Adidas"Development of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning water and sanitation systems, passing the expertice, project development2014
29Completion of the construction of the 135-apartment rental house. Almaty region. Kapchagai, Sputnik distr.LLP "Keruen Service"Installation works and commissioning of ventilation systems2014
30Construction of VA for 100 visits per shift, Almaty region. Panfilov district, BolshoyShigan. LLP "Bereke and JS"LLP "Bereke and JS"Construction and installation work2014
31Reconstruction of the machine room with the superstructure of the administrative building Almaty branch of JSC "National Center of expertise and certificationLLP "AldaspanKurilis"Installation of ventilation systems2014
32The hotel complex on the eastern bypass of Almaty Kok-tobem/dLLP "Megalith"Complex of design works2014
33"Training Center on Drugs Control", Almaty, Furmanovst. 262LLP «AristanProgect management group»Works on laying of heating networks and external networks of sewers, additional work on dismantling the sewage system, water supply and heating networks2014
34The hotel complex on the eastern bypass of Almaty Kok-tobe m/dLLP «Makhonya company»Complex design work, design of internal water fire extinguishing2014
35International Ski Jump Complex(stage 2)LLP "TOL-Kurylys"Installation work of mechanical irrigation systems2014
36Residential buildingwith parking Almaty, Auezov district Taugul m/d, south of Ladygin st.LLPKush-Kuat Installation external water supply and sanitation2014