Bereke and Zh.S.

логотип Береке и Ж.С.

LLP "Bereke and Zh.S." began its activity in 2007. The main activities of the Company: construction, installation, reconstruction and repair works of industrial and civil facilities.

From the first days of its activity, LLP "Bereke and Zh.S." confidently declared itself in the construction market of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a reliable and responsible contractor that provides qualitative and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations .

In a rapidly developing sector of construction production we are adapting to rapidly changing technological environment and innovations of building materials. With our qualified staff, we offer services to our customers, for whom professionalism and ability to work is required to successfully complete construction projects in various fields. Our team approach to strategically manage five key factors: time, quality, flexibility, risk and cost.

In order to respond quickly to market demands and to ensure the implementation of special types of engineering construction and installation works qualitatively and in terms LLP "Bereke and Zh.S." clustered together with other construction companies in mutually beneficial alliances.

We have workshops for the production of ventilation equipments and window frames from fiberglass.

CEO of LLP Bereke and Zh.S Ismagulov Ryspan Mahmutuly
CEO of LLP "Bereke and Zh.S" Ismagulov Ryspan Mahmutuly

LLP "Bereke and Zh.S." estimates its customers as an important ally. We adhere to traditions based on our reputation and track record of performed works. Our capabilities as a general contractor, allow us to carry out projects that meet all the requirements of Building regulations of RK and the customer, providing highest quality of services at the most tight budget, taking into account the specific of this project. 

Over the past years, following companies became our clients: JSC "Kazakhstan Kagazy", LLP "StroyTeploServis", LLP "MK-Engineering», LLP "Expo Story", PF "NursultanNazarbayev Education Foundation", LLP "Beybarys Products" , LLP "Sembol", LLP «MericGurup ", JSC "Almaty heat networks", LLP "ATA stroy" LLP "Kokshetau Milk Factory" Milks of Sinegorye ",JSC " KazTransGas "Aymak", LLP «AlinaPRO», LLP "PetroChina International Kazakhstan", departments of construction of Almaty and Almaty region and others. 

With implementation of the project under the contracts, we supply equipments from leading manufacturers, as CARIER (USA), YORK (USA), FRESHAIR (USA), PANASONIC (Japan), LG (Korea), SAMSUNG (Korea), BEKO (Turkey) , HONEYWELL (USA), DoKon (Russia), DINAIR (Italy) and others and also domestic producers and firms like LLC "Temirbeton-1", LLP «BuranBoiler», LLP «SAPAGROUPOFCOMPANYS», LLP "NurtauTemir" LLP "Yg-Elektrokomplekt, LLP" AsylKazynaKurylys ",LLP" Almacom-climate ", LLP" Firm Jenis ", LLP" Factory Electrocable ", LLP « EESKazakhstan », LLP« INTANTProtectiveSystems »and others. 

Construction Company LLP "Bereke and Zh.S." - a united team of professionals, performing full range of construction works.