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Young LLP «AS Prof Stroy» is part of the construction companies «AS Construction Capital», which provides services in the fields of project design,construction work and supply of building materials and equipment throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

We are the team of highly qualified specialists with 10 years of experience in the construction market. Our specialists will qualitatively and in timerealize all your requests and find solution to any problem. We invitenew partners and investors! 

Our history: 

We workin the construction industrymore than 3 years during this timewe have accumulated considerable experience and put into operation more than a dozenobjects.

CEO of LLP AS-Prof Stroy Akyzhanov D. B.
CEO of LLP AS-Prof Stroy Akyzhanov D. B..

Our strategy (mission): 

Our mission- design ,construction of buildings and facilities that meet the aesthetics of the XXI century, as well as promotion on domestic market of advanced technology and modern construction materials.Our development - is the development of our customers who become our partners and friends. Our strategy - to offer the most appropriate solutions to the problems in strict compliance with the requirements of customers, not only by improving the efficiency of existing activities, but also through the development of new directions, covering all the wider sector of business interests of regular and potential customers. The company always strives to keep pace with time, showing high-technology approach to the construction business. 

What we strive: 

Gaining and maintaining a leadership position in the construction market. Qualitative satisfaction of customers needs in the segment of residential andnon-residential construction. Achieving competitive advantage through the implementation of a complete cycle of investment, design, construction and sale of real estate. Expanding the list of partners and customersas well as the geographical area construction projects.

Our contacts: 


Tel .: +7 775 347 2247